Sunday, January 24, 2016

Strata Sphere

My husband and I are neophytes at the art of strata living.
While, at this early point in our new arrangement, we are content with our wee condo we are surprised at the merciless level of combat that goes on within strata councils.
For decades, my husband and I have provided support and leadership for volunteer organizations. We've done hundreds of workshop on volunteer management and board development.
So, residing in the midst of a volunteers' war zone is challenging for us knowing things could be much much better. And because we assumed that if folks lived this long they would want peaceful coexistence. We're all seniors here. Older folks would want to be kind to one another, don't you think?
Apparently, not so.
I mean why would you be offended by the sound of a fellow resident voluntarily and graciously shoveling snow from walkways for the safety all residents? Apparently because the snow shovel sound happened during hours when there is a strata council-created noise bylaw in place it was a bad thing. A big bad thing. Like the shoveling was cited as an offence.
I know that is close to the silliest thing you've ever read. But it happened.
It was such a big deal, a meeting filled with insults and demeaning behavior, that an entire council, save the member who demeaned the others, resigned.
We weren't in attendance. We were too new to be on that existing council.
We are astounded at the bullying that goes on. Council members policing other people's activities is a way of life for some of the condo strata council members.
It is harsh. It is ridiculous. It is also very silly.
We hope by bringing our skills to the table we will help others bring their skills forward so that ultimately we may have a sense of community evolve here.
I am enormously interested in learning from other condo owners any where on planet Earth -- what has worked well for you in creating a peaceful strata community?


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