Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Grief!

These beautiful people are certified Celebrants. Trained and certified by the Insight Institute. Ottawa 2008. Photo Glenda Stansbury

I am such a happy woman.
My recent experience at Celebrant training at Ottawa was exhilarating. The knowledge, enthusiasm and presentation skills of the trainers were unbeatable attributes for making the experience a wonderful one. Add to the mix a room of intelligent, creative and compassionate people and obviously the experience becomes even more grand.
I sat with tablemates that were all of the above -- knowledgeable, enthusiastic, intelligent, creative, compassionate and one more thing -- they were hilarious!
And if you are wondering but were afraid to ask and even if you weren't wondering -- celebrants are the alternative to having a clergy conducted funeral. We provide secular services. We do all sorts of other things -- like empowering folks by assisting them to pre-plan the details of a service for themselves and things of that nature.
We truly are the greatest things since sliced bread!


The Funeral Lady said...

Welcome aboard, Celebrants! Glad to have you, Pam Vetter

Darcie said...

Congrats, Terry! I can see you doing an amazing job in your new vocation.