Monday, September 1, 2008

Afternoon of the blues

Photos are of:
Judy Rose and The Pretty Boys
Kath and The TomKats
The Sistas Blue (Kath's grandaughters and their talented friends).
Terry and Clare with those wonderful Vernon hills in the background
(Photos: Sherri Powell)

Wow. Yesterday I had an afteroon in Vernon that did not involved a hospital visit, nor a meeting with a health care professional.
Kath (Raeber)and her TomKats,( with her family and some of her very good friends, produced an amazing weekend of blues music. (
The venue, Vernon's Kin Racetrack, was perfect. Ahhh....those sage and Okanagan sunflower covered hills as backdrop, with late summer sunlight for depth and warmth made this venue so right. Additionally, it was a well-organized site. This festival had a lot going for it.
Add to this outdoor perfection exquisite performances from Kath and the TomKats, Judy Rose and the Pretty Boys, Linda Sue Wilson and Flora Ware. Ohhhh my gawd!.. that heaven should be this good.
I had the pleasure of attending Sunday of the festival with good friend Sherri and her father, Clare. (I had tickets to the whole weekend but unforseen family problems prevented me from participating on Saturday.)
Sherri's dad made the trip from Regina to British Columbia especially for this festival. I know he is glad he did so. So too were the groups with CDs for sale -- Clare willingly spent his money buying music to take home.
Clare is not the only person who will get to hear his new CDs. You see, Clare's is the calm, confident, friendly voice of the Eclectic Cafe on CJTR -FM, a Regina co-operative community radio station. He plays a vast array of music on his show. However, while he is interested in almost every form of music on the planet, there is no doubt this blues festival's chartrueses captured Clare's heart. I feel confident those fabulous women will have special consideration at the Eclectic Cafe.
Lovely day, very lovely day,

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Darcie said...

Wow! A day in Vernon just for your enjoyment! It must have felt very strange. And very, very good. Glad you had a good time. You certainly deserve it.