Saturday, September 27, 2008

Water, water everywhere -- and now it is safe to drink!

Our drinking water comes from this lake. (photo: Sherri Powell)

Superlatives for Wa2!

There is a lot of water here -- fabulous big lakes, rivers, country streams and mountain-side creeks.
There was a time, prior to developers and stupid power-drinking environment-destroying visitors, when our community was awarded a Best-tasting Drinking Water in Canada award. We no longer have quality drinking water.
Rather, massive amounts of this calendar year have been spent under a boil-water advisory. Isn't that disgusting?
It is politically disgusting that so little regard for our precious water is in place in this community.
That having been said, on a daily basis it is my responsibility to ensure safe water for the members of my household. That was an arduous task with boil water advisories in effect.
I boiled water. We bought great quantities of bottled water. It went on and on.
Last March we visited my cousin Shelley in Vancouver. (What a blast that was!) During the visit we learned that Shelley's neighbour, Gary, owns an amazing water filtration purification system company.
Imagine our over-the-top delight having Shelley and Gary come here for a quick visit this week -- and while here, Gary installed one of his residential model filtration-purification systems into our kitchen. Is that the highest caliber of service or what?!
The water tastes so lovely.(The company's website is found at I can't say enough wonderful things about the product and the service. Check it out if safe water filtration is something you need.

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