Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silly Circles

"Holly the Pomeranian's well-being is often jeopardized by silly circle zone outs."

The Hypnotizing Comfort of Silly Circles

It's so nice to be back! While the rest of the world was staying in touch, writing posts on their blogs, and making observations on ordinary life -- I've been missing in action.
There has been an absence of writing's warmth and comfort here. For the past 53 days I've been immersed in a municipal election campaign.
I won't write my politcal thoughts and observations here. This is my egotistical "all about me" space. And it shall remain so.
However, I am pleased to announce that I am once again making time to write posts. Once again, I am taking time for simple self-indulgences. First on my list was a return to my yo-yo circles.
Yo-yos are little puckered circles of cotton scrap pieces of fabric, pieced together into whatever.
I understand yo-yo 'quilts' belong to those early North American settlers arriving on this continent with very little. Their "quilts" were created from bits and scraps to make "something for nice" as a bed cover. Yo-yos are not from an aristocratic needlecraft tradition. They are humble little pieces of stitchery created out of what was on hand in order to have something esthetically pleasing. These little circles became popular for making bed covers in the '20's and '30's. I love their tradition of being practical and pleasing simultaneously.
These silly little circles have a clarion call for me.
I was raised in protestant faith -- so contemplation was something I thought to be reserved for nuns, priests and truly holy saints. Ergo, contemplation was for people of other faiths. No nuns, priests or holy saints in the protestant traditions.
Now, I know differently -- about nuns, priests, truly holy saints and contemplation.
I only need a little scrap of fabric, a needle and some thread to experience contemplative presence. I can escape and find quiet even with noisy others around me as long as I have a little circle in my hand waiting for stitches.
The television was on and folks were chatting in the living room last night as I was about to settle in with my silly litte circles. Then, the Pomeranians began barking and fussing. That means Pomeranian Protocols need to be followed -- let them outside (in case output is the reason for the fussing) and give them treats (in case input is what is needed) and or place them in various spots of extreme comfort to see if they will just 'shush.' Black out. I went into my sacred silly circle zone for a bit and when I looked up a few minutes later, I realized there was no Pomeranian noise. Moment of panic - I had no memory of following the Pomeranian Protocols - or had I? Were the little fur balls outside, frozen in perpetual bark stance?
Turns out I'd performed all the protocols and they were contentedly snoring on our bed in the master bedroom. I still don't remember performing the Pomeranian Protocols. The hypnotic power of silly circles got me again.
I've been stitching yo-yo circles for nearly 30 years. Recently, as I began practicing Reiki, I found I was incorporating little Reiki positive thoughts into each stitch. I think there are twenty or so stiches in each circle. Hundreds of circles are needed for completed projects. So, anything that makes its way to completion is filled to overflowing with loving thoughts.
Another appeal for me is ofcourse the abundant symbolism of sewing a circle.
By the time I've finished a project years have passed. So, each project represents a personal diary for me. It's creation taking place through so many days filled with so all those memories.
Ahhh, so now you know... silly simple things amuse me.
Regardless, it is comforting to be back embracing that is simple and silly (not that municipal campaigning wasn't silly and not that some of those involved weren't exceedingly simple but I'm not going there).


Darcie said...

Pictures. Gotta see pictures.

So are you Mr. Mayor's better half now? Or just hoping that he never has this idea again? :) I would have voted for him.

Susan said...

Holly is a cutie! What were the election results?