Thursday, August 27, 2009

RareEarth Festival like an Indigo Child

No one will laugh at you if you are knitting. Skilled, experienced blues musicians Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers at the RareEarth Festival.

Arleigh -- another  truly amazing woman and the delightful Sistas Blue.

Kath Raeber. She may well be a human angel.

I think I've met an Indigo Child.
An Indigo Child is alleged to possess special skills and abilities. That well describes the RareEarth Festival and it is only two years old.
The RareEarth Festival is not an ordinary music festival. It is simply more. It is more empathetic to the needs of its audience. It is more gentle. And it is distinctly more innovative and creative in meeting music festival criteria.
This festival works at remaking the festival world by making sure it is green. There is no trash -- the grounds are kept impeccably clean. This is a festival with very little plastic.
Just like an Indigo Child, the RareEarth festival rejects authority. Especially it thumbs its nose at the big festivals. This is a little festival with big names (like Buddy Guy, Kal David, Rita Chiarelli).
This is a festival that takes care of its own too -- the fabulously talented musicians of the Okanagan that are overlooked by the big festivals.
At the RareEarth festival audience people take care of one another's belongings with just a nod. No formal agreement needed.
Folks shared their veggies and snacks just 'cuz they were sitting near by.
Immersion in RareEarth space and philosophy encourages gracious and friendliness..
This festival is in a magical place with the beautiful sage-covered hills of Vernon close by and sunshine, that Okanagan summer trademark, providing abundant vitamin D and good vibes.
The music -- great blues and jazz.
At the core of graciousness is the organizer, blues crooner Kath Raeber. Kath is a remarkable woman (check out her bio at Kath and the Tom Kats). Like an Indigo Child she is likely a human angel.
Besides my heartfelt gratitude to her for organizing my all-time favourite festival, Kath's music re-introduced me to a childhood friend. My friend is another truly amazing woman.
I am thrilled. Seeing my friend happens at the RareEarth festival if at no other time.
The RareEarth Festival isn't for everyone. If you want to be a power-drinking idiot, skip the RareEarth Festival.
If body surfing to loud, pounding music is your thing, skip the RareEarth Festival.
This festival is for lovers of blues and jazz offered up to you by very skilled, experienced musicians.
This festival is for laid-back types, those not needing to push one another around to see the show. (You can bring your knitting to this festival and no one will laugh at you.)
The RareEarth festival offers a fabulous series of shows in a marvellous setting. There are no workshops to distract you. There are not multiple things going on at the same time. Just great music offered in a modest well-organized manner.
Indigo Children are said to be rare beings -- like this festival. It's one in a bjillion.

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