Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

It has been a long time. I have missed being in this place. I have missed reading what other's have written and I've desperately missed being the writer.
What took me so long to get back?
I worked three jobs last year. Two of them outside my home. One of the two "outside" jobs was a full-time position. I added three hours a day to that job by going to feed, water and visit with an older gentleman. Then, I came home to do care-giving at home.
So, most days there wasn't any time left for writing anything except the occasional 'honey do" note for my husband. Of course I should have blogged instead. If I'd blogged I could have check to see if there were any visitors to the site. Rarely was there any indication that husband had seen my notes. Certainly nothing indicating that he found the notes interesting or funny.
So, what's new?
I lost my beautiful trusting old Pomeranian last Spring. And despite my better judgement; I have a new young Pomeranian lad filling my life with joy (and pee spots).
I have learned that my brain is for processing not storage as I have no memory of how I trained any of the Pomeranians I had before this one. Were they all so wild and crazy as baby dogs?
The little guy wakes up much earlier than is socially correct. He is awake, ready to begin the day anytime after 5 a.m. He is always cheery and delighted to be alive. He is a marvel to wake up to even if he doesn't understand "it's still dark out" as a meaningful statement.
Our dear old Border Collie is an angel. She allows the little Pomeranian hours of wrestle-mania every day and she always allows him to think he is the winner. Stacey makes all the appropriate noises and some amazing gestures -- always harmless -- how does she do it? The little guy never has never had reason to doubt his sense of strength. He is sure he is the light weight champion of the world.
We have two cats. There are both very big cats.
One of the two, a big black and white male, is terrified of the little Pomeranian, to the little dog's great pleasure of course. The other big fluffy female cat torments the little guy.
She lays down on the little dog's training pad for a nap. The Pom can't believe his eyes. Sacred territory like that and she's got her big fat cat body on it. What is a guy to do?
Yesterday the little guy found the master bedroom door three-quarters open. He did a little scratching-pushing effort on the door and to his amazement it bounced back toward him. Reason for the bounce was that Miss Kitty was hiding behind the door. To her amazement he did it again with more effort (and with a gleeful smile on his face) and then he did it again. Now she was the one in a state of disbelief!
The little guy is very social. Loves everyone.
The two huge unresolved scary issues are that he doesn't come when he is called and he is a runner. I've almost lost him twice.
I am so open to learning how to train him. Please write.


steelwool said...

Glad to hear from you again. I wish I could help with your "runner" problem. I had a lovely dog for 16 years with the same problem. We viewed the behavior from different perspectives. I saw "bad dog" and he saw the joy of freedom and the excitement of the chase. Hopefully you will come to a meeting of minds sooner.

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