Saturday, June 14, 2008

Briefly AWOL

Yesterday it was necessary to take my frail elderly mother for a blood transfusion. She is in the spent phase of polycythemia. So it is now critical that she receive a monthly blood transfusion.
Normally, I stay close by her while she is being transfused. Yesterday, I went browsing about the town instead.
The main street of the town (where I onced worked -- on that street, in that town) has only two familiar businesses remaining on the street. Everything else has changed. The significant factor is that I haven't been into the town ( always going only as far as the hospital with my mother) for so long that I was unaware of all these changes.
I don't remember when I took vows of seclusion but it's pretty obvious that I don't get out much.
During my time AWOL, I went to the public art gallery. (In my former life I managed that gallery for a year.) There was fabric art on display and I found it so validating as much of what I viewed was similiar to projects I've attempted myself. I was vibrating when I left the gallery -- excited to get back to that art form.
I also strolled through the Friday morning farmers' market, where I met old friends doing the same sort of browsing.
I got back to the hospital ten minutes later than the time the nursing staff estimated for the transfusion procedures completion. Turns out Mother's procedure ended much earlier and so I was 45 minutes late. Mother was furious!
I was reprimanded and am now once again confined to barracks.
Where's "Harm" Rabb when I need him?

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