Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's all about me!

I am a care-giver to the frail elderly in my home. I have done so for more than ten years. But my inner selfish 'I- don't- want -to- be- doing -this- anymore' child would rather be writing fiction, making yo-yo quilts or doing artwork.

My home is in the beautiful Shuswap region. It is paradise and in order to live in the gorgeous place I've made sacrifices -- predominately economic ones. This region has all four Canadian seasons. Winters are typically Canadian offering an abundance of snow and varying amounts of cold. Spring is usually refreshing. This year spring looked and felt like November.

Summer brings tourists and mosquitoes. In September both of these annoyances disappear. September is often the most gorgeous month in this region. (Oops. Probably shouldn't have mentioned that tidbit).

I love writing. I would rather be writing more than almost anything else. I have never experienced writer's block.
Time is at a premium in my world. Those nasty chores and duties of everyday consume me, and being a woman of a certain age, I am usually out-of-energy hours before I am out of ideas and motivation.

But because I am a woman of a certain age, I am getting braver. Hence, this blog and I am already wearing purple. So, look out world.

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Darcie said...

Yeah! You did it! The first post is always the toughest.
Congrats on the new blog!