Thursday, July 31, 2008

An angel in human form

Sherri visiting with us in our background July 2008. Photo Teresa Andrews

We presently have a delightful guest at our home. A special one. Our guest is a woman named Sherri. She is 'Sherri -Sunshine.' Blessed with a peaceful nature, she smooths things out around here as both my husband and I are rather intense.
Sherri is also an amazing combination of resourcefulness, hard-work and good humour. She gets a lot done and motivates us to get things done.
Sherri adores green growing things and as well she is interested in the feathered friends that visit our yard. Her photo of one of our backyard hummingbirds is gorgeous.
It is amazing when one realizes there is an angel in human form in one's midst. And Sherri is that for me. There is nothing Sherri doesn't help out with -- she is attentive to my mother (not attentive enough for my mother's approval, mind you). Sherri is loving and kind to the elderly ladies sharing our home. Sherri is adoring to our pets, and she is helpful to Jack (she does what ever yard work, building project or garden work is on for the day). Sherri takes on inside housework projects that I've put off for the last millenium. Besides all of the above, Sherri is lovely companion.
Sherri took on the task of being me for the past week, thus enabling me to complete training in Ottawa so that I could become a certified Celebrant. What a gift for me!

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