Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lucky us!

We have the enormous great pleasure of having a five-year old neighbour spend part of nearly every day with us. Her name is Sidney and she is a joy to us.
We do not have children of our own. So, wow! what a bonus having a 'pseudo' grandchild right next door.
In the course of this afternoon a land snail was discovered by my husband and Sidney as they built a pathway in the backyard. Land snail now has a name. "Appy." And a home in a jar. A series of folks have already been brought through the house to see Appy and this is just his (?) first afternoon with us.
Part of the afternoon included several games of hangman with my husband. We delight in the improvements we observe in this little one's alphabetical and language skills.
A picnic was required. Of course. Cheese, crackers, fruit and Yoplait tubes. When we were of sounder mind nonsense like Yoplait tubes would have had no place in this household.
Our hot tub became a swimming pool at one point in the afternoon for a singing diva called "Princess Debra." The "Princess Debra" was wearing a Dora the Explorer swimsuit. Go figure.
Soggy Princess D. always has a nice nap after her water concert.
We are so blessed to have this child in our lives. However, both husband and I are now ready for a nap -- and we didn't sing or soak in the hot tub today.

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Darcie said...

Well, why didnt you say you wanted some pseudo grandchildren?? I can send you mine whenever you like!

And if it wasnt for Yoplait tubes my daughter would never eat before noon. Whatever works.