Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cabin Fever Blues

Cabin Fever in the Shuswap
On the top: Our dreary lilac bush now. If you squint and look very carefully you will see a little woodpecker in the lilac bush. The bottom photo: Image of winter here during December 2008.

Winter brought real cold this year. The kind of cold that allows us to brag about being tough and Canadian. After all, we went about our ordinary activities and didn't caved to the snow or the cold. It was quite exhilarating!
Now, mid-January it's milder and there is just melty bleak winter landscape all around -- being a tough Canadian is losing its appeal mighty fast.
It's hard to justify being exhilarated about gloom, fog and drizzle and respiratory illness. At the moment, it's hard to figure out why we keep doing this. The 'keep smiling-keep being cheery' thing.
The image of a whimpy migratory Canadian 'snow bird' appears idyllic at the moment. Sunshine. Warmth. Colour. Scent of coconut sun-tanning oil. Sunshine. Warmth. Colour. That easily justifies a cheery countenance.
That's not going to happen to me any time soon -- the sunshine, warmth, colour and scent of coconut oil, or sips of exotic something . No cheery countenance here.
You know the data about flu peaking in January? Believe it. The entire household, save myself and the critters, have been ill since near the end of December. Everyone is confined to barracks. And you wouldn't know there was a declining seal population given the round-the-clock barking seal sounds in this place.

So, I am thinking how can I make the most of feeling sorry for myself?

Bag of potato chips? Nahh. That's old, unappealing and way too artery-clogging, even for a slug like me.

Hibernate? Nahh. How would that change anything? It's already like suspended animation in this household. No action here (Unless you consider whining an aerobic activity).
Speaking of which, perhaps, I could change my attitude by heeding the drastic action of one of my beloved Regina cousins. Despite NY's Resolutions' bad rap, she's made a resolution to get more exercise. And she is doing so. Wii (not so) fit, she calls it.
Not only do I have to consider that my cousin is a fine role model -- she is much! slimmer, smarter, self-disciplined and calmer than I. As well, I've notice she is almost always right about stuff.
Therefore, it must be good to resolve to excercise. Likely there is even a greater good in actually doing it. Should I start exercising, feeling sorry for myself may take on a whole new level of whining and snivelling. Soon I could complain about athletic injuries! That would be good.
I can't think of any exercise I particularly like doing. But walking maybe okay. Not that there is anything to walk to from here. Anyway, I will try taking the Border Collie out and about for a wee bit each day. She'll love it.
I don't feel contentment creeping into my life with this resolution -- but I take some solace in knowing I will have multiple causes for continued whining -- the cold, the aches and pains, walking in the gray dreary drizzle.
Likely, walking with the dog is going to be incomprehensible agony.
Writing would make me happier. I'd rather write than go walking. Probably wouldn't feel sorry for myself if I could write more. But probably it's healthier to walk than write. Darn.
In my serious dilemma, what would Cousin do?

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Susan said...

gawrsh... I'm blushing. Thanks for the lovely compliments! Definitely walk the border collie. I'm sure your lungs could use some fresh air what with breathing all the flu germs at your place.