Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Fur and Finn Love Story

Kingston T. Cat and the woman he fancies.

It is with great pleasure that Kingston T. Cat flaunts to other cats in the neighbourhood, and those reading this post, that a fondest dream has come true.
He proudly announces a new 'arrangement.' It is with a human.
K. Cat has a woman in his life now. Someone he rather fancies.
Kingston T. Cat consented to the arrangement about the same time the unusually cold weather arrived in the Shuswap region.
This consent came nearly a year after his first noticing the woman. He'd sniff at her in the past. He greeted her with soft meows and little purrs.
In return, she courted him with sweet endearments spoken in Finn. No matter her language, to K. Cat it spoke volumes that the woman appreciated his Catonese dialect -- she knew his yawning and blinks as the language of love.
He measured their encounters carefully. She was always gentle and considerate.
She allowed the relationship to take its time. She made no demands and allowed for affection when K Cat wanted it. That worked.
Now, K. Cat is working at being the perfect "kept" man. He is there for companionship and conversation.
His physical presentation is ideal. He keeps himself well-groomed. He loves that she loves watching him wash -- telling him she is proud of his fastidiousness.
As a "kept" man, K. Cat is an emotional delight. He knows just when it is perfect to suspend his adult behavior and revert to kittenhood for the pleasure of his human.
K. knows he has a handsome profile. But imagine how great his comfort as he is told he is gorgeous even when he is sprawling on his back.
Paws if you will to imagine how much pure pleasure there is for K. Cat in having his favourite morsels offered to him, one crunchie at a time, 'peel-me-a-grape' style.
Like most "kept" arrangements, this one is semi-permanent. That means it works for now but when the exquisitely tempting scents of Spring-time arrive, K. Cat promises nothing. But for now they 'knead' each other and all is 'purrfect.'

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Susan said...

Aww, what a lovely story! Thanks for sharing. That kitty is nobody's fool.